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Taking account of the more diverse, unpredictable and transnational character of new and emerging threats, the National Strategic and Defence Concept (CEDN) considers strategic intelligence a fundamental vector in a State's strategic action.

The Intelligence Services are an essential instrument in the identification and assessment of threats, challenges and opportunities. Intelligence is, more than ever, crucial to political decision-making, particularly in matters of national security.

SIED, in compliance with the Portuguese Constitution and the law, seeks to produce timely, relevant and forward-looking intelligence. It aims to safeguard national independence, national interests and the external security of the Portuguese State.
about us
About us
SIED is tasked with providing Intelligence to tackle external threats to the internal security, on matters such as:

• International terrorist threats, international organized crime networks, namely those dealing with drug trafficking, illegal immigration and CBRN proliferation;

• The security situation of the Portuguese communities abroad;

• Early warning on situations that might compromise the national interests;

• The political, social, economic, energy and defence priorities of Portuguese foreign policy.

These goals are met through the production of intelligence while strictly respecting the guarantees, rights and freedoms enshrined in the Portuguese Constitution and the law. SIED follows the guidelines set by the Prime-Minister´s Cabinet, on whom it is dependent.

Nowadays, intelligence is not only essential to any State to preserve its national interests and its security, but also to preserve the goals shared with the international community. This spirit of cooperation among Intelligence Services contributes to a stronger Intelligence Community, focused on tackling transnational threats.

Internally, SIED works closely with its counterparts within the Portuguese Republic Intelligence System (SIRP) as well as other Portuguese law enforcement agencies and government departments. SIED fulfils its Mission bearing in mind its high institutional responsibility and respect for basic values such as Integrity, Spirit of Mission and Public Service.

SIED operates within the ethical framework of a modern democracy, fully accountable to the Prime-Minister, the Portuguese law and under parliamentary oversight. SIED exists to protect the country, its people and its interests.

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